January 29, 2023

Oughout. S. Capitol Police Main Testifies ‘Highly Trained, Violent’ Provocateurs Were in Masses at Capitol on January. 6

USCP admits under pledge that agitators were embedded in the Jan. 6 crowd to “coordinate to remove obstacles, overwhelm police, and attack police. “

Provocateurs infiated the crowd that marched on the U. S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, a U. S. Capitol Police (USCP) official testified this week during a criminal test in a federal court in Washington D. C.

Bradford Geyer, one of the lawyers representing defendant  Richard Barnett,   the man who famously put their boots on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D) desk that day, questioned Capt. Carneysha Mendoza concerning the presence of agent provocateurs.

“ Isn’t really it true that you had many people, a large quantity of people walking down two streets that dead-ended at the Capitol? ” Geyer  asked  Capt. Mendoza on Wednesday.

“ Yes, sir, ” she said.

“ Okay. And would it not be fair to say that will at least at some of the top edges of that crowd, they will contained bad people or even provocateurs; is that fair? ” Geyer asked.

“ It’s fair, ” Mendoza said.

Mendoza also agreed with Geyer’s characterization that the provocateurs were “ highly trained” and “ violent. ”

“ Highly trained, violent people who work plus coordinate together? ” Geyer asked.

“ Yes, ” Mendoza responded.

“ Experienced violent people who work and coordinate to remove barriers, whelm police, and attack police? ” Geyer asked.

“ Are you talking about did they do that during the event? ” Mendoza wondered.

“ Indeed, ” Geyer said.

“ They did, ” Mendoza said.

Mendoza, a 20-year veteran of the USCP, who have oversees approximately 300 full-time officers, also confirmed that authorities received intelligence that particular groups were planning to embed themselves into the Jan. 6 demonstration to agitate the particular crowd.

“ That’s typical for any protest that we do. I’ve been performing protests for 20 years, and that’s typical of any demonstration. There’s usually a group along with a counter-group or a group and many counter-groups. So that’s standard, yes, ” she stated.

Barnett, on trial for eight fees related to the Capitol breach, pleaded not guilty in 2022 and rejected a plea offer.

From your Wa Examiner :

This individual faces eight federal fees, including taking a stun gun into the Capitol, theft associated with government property, and impeding Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote count. He initially had 7 charges against him, yet prosecutors on Dec. twenty one added the eighth cost of civil disorder. Barnett could be sentenced to a 12 months behind bars if discovered guilty. His lawyers unsuccessfully attempted to get two from the charges dropped.

Barnett, that goes by the nickname Bigo, has openly bragged regarding writing Pelosi “ an awful note” and putting “ my feet up on the girl desk. ” The take note read, “ Nancy, Bigo was here, b****, ” prosecutors alleged. Before he or she left her office, Barnett grabbed letterhead and waved it around but insisted later he did not take it because he “ put a quarter on her desk. ”

Mendoza’s remarks are a spectacular revelation given the stonewalling by the FBI and the Democrat-led House Committee on The month of january 6.

F Director Christopher Wray in November 2022 refused to inform Congress whether FBI assets were embedded in the Jan. 6 crowd.

Likewise, in the Jan. six Committee’s 800-page report launched in December, not one page described the involvement of provocateur Ray Epps , who was the only individual caught on camera on January 5th and 6th openly calling for demonstrators to breach the Capitol building.

Epps has not faced any costs despite admitting he “ orchestrated” the breach within the Capitol.

This comes as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed to release 14, 000 hours of formerly withheld Jan. 6 footage.

“ I believe the American public should actually see all that happened instead of a report that’s created for a political basis, ” he told reporters upon Thursday.

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