February 5, 2023

UK Schools Ban All Actual Contact

Two British schools announced immediately that they would ban just about all forms of physical contact between students – forbidding  “ hand-holding, ” “ embracing, ”   and the developing of romantic relationships. Mothers and fathers complained to local media, but one school contended that  “ anything could happen”   if kids were allowed to socialize normally. Hylands School in Chelmsford and Southchurch High School within Southend both made the particular […]#@@#@!!

Two British schools announced this week which they would ban all kinds of physical contact between college students – forbidding  “ hand-holding, ” “ hugging, ”   as well as the forming of romantic interactions. Parents complained to local media, but one college argued that  “ anything could happen”   if children had been allowed to socialize normally.

Hylands School in Chelmsford and Southchurch High School in Southend both made the announcements recently.  

In a letter to parents, Hylands assistant headteacher Catherine McMillan said that her school would no longer  “ tolerate any physical get in touch with within our community, ”   EssexLive  reported   on Tuesday.  

This particular includes  “ any aggressive physical contact, embracing, holding hands, slapping someone, etc, ”   McMillan continued.   “ This is in order to keep your kid safe. If your child is touching somebody else, whether they are consenting or not, anything could happen. It could lead to an injury, create someone feel very uncomfortable, or even someone being touched inappropriately. ”

The deputy head particularly pointed out that  “ romantic relationships”   would be forbidden at Hyland School, and any breach of the new rules would certainly result in  “ a loss of privileges”   for the offending child.

In a comparable letter to parents, Southchurch deputy head Ms. Murray said that  “ students are not allowed to touch each other whilst on site, ”   the BBC  reported . A school spokesman claimed that the ban encourages  “ students to behave in a courteous and thoughtful way at all times. ”

Speaking to EssexLive, one Hyland parent described the policy as  “ draconian. ”

“ I have a daughter and the girl and her friends greet each other with a hug, in case they do that now they will [face being] put in isolation, ”   the parent said.   “ There has been a huge outcry from other parents. After the pandemic, where everyone was starved of human contact, you might be now setting everything back. It’s not going to help students’ mental health either. ”

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