February 1, 2023

Young lady, 17, weeps as she recalls seeing naked trans woman with penis in women’s changing room from California YMCA

Says woke personnel scolded her for complaining about it.

A Californian teenager sobbed before the city council as the girl told of her trauma at seeing ‘ a naked man’ she says was a transgender woman inside the women’s changing rooms from her local YMCA.

Rebecca Philips, 17, addressed the meeting in Santee, a town suburb of San Diego, upon Wednesday night to demand reform to the existing plan after encountering the mysterious individual.

The girl told the council just how, two weeks ago, she was getting changed after swimming at the Santee YMCA whenever she saw a transgender woman naked in the changing rooms.

‘ As I was showering after my workout I saw a nude male in the women’s locker room, ‘ she stated.

‘ I actually immediately went back into the shower, terrified, and hid at the rear of their flimsy excuse to get a curtain until he had been gone. ‘

Philips, who went on to discuss the area’s transgender procedures, said she was haunted by the thought of her five-year-old sister, who she brings to the gym in the summer, encountering exactly the same situation.

The girl voice quivering, she stated: ‘ This is the YMCA, exactly where hundreds of children spend their summer afternoons in day care camps.

‘ This is the YMCA where the little sister took gymnastics lessons.

‘ The locker room has been supposed to be her safe destination to gossip with her friends, and shower and alter. ‘

Philips says staff told her the particular trans woman was perfectly entitled to be in the changing rooms, and that only these on the sex offender’s registry were banned from entering.

Women’s amenities – changing rooms, shelters, prisons – can be used by anyone in California thanks to a state law saying people must be allowed to use services which align with their gender identity.

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