February 1, 2023

Kentucky Dem Suggests Biden Be Impeached for War Criminal offenses in Ukraine

The US has committed over $110 billion in military and economic aid to Kiev.

Kentucky progressive Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Young provides proposed that President Later on Biden be “ immediately” thrown out of office for the series of war crimes committed by his administration.

“ I think Joe Biden (D-War Criminal) should be impeached immediately just for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and so on, ” Young tweeted, specifying that reasons for impeachment include “ the illegal web proxy war against Russia within Ukraine. ”

Young, 66, phone calls himself as a “ Peace Democrat, ” and is a good outspoken critic of imperious US foreign policy who has  savagely criticized   the delivering of US taxpayer money in order to Kiev by both parties, plus slammed the conflict within Ukraine as a  lost cause   for the US and NATO. His candidacy for governor and challenge of incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear within the governor’s race has been mostly ignored by mainstream media, which has dubbed him the  “ perennial candidate”   or did not mention him at all, along with individual outlets  looking to smear him , which includes over his  “ controversial”   stance on the Ukraine conflict.

The party primaries in the Kentucky gubernatorial competition will take place on May sixteen, while the election itself will be held November 7.

Young ran being a Democratic Party candidate to get a seat in the House of Representatives in the November midterms, but was defeated by incumbent Conservative Andy Barr. He also ran in the Democratic primaries in gubernatorial elections within 2019 and 2015, and the Democratic primaries for a Home seat in 2018 plus 2014.

Within the 2022 race for the Home, Young focused his advertising campaign on  three issues   – slashing the Pentagon’s budget simply by “ at least 60 percent, ” abolishing the Main Intelligence Agency, which this individual blamed for getting America in to needless wars, and reducing the impact of a lot of money in politics by widely financing all elections.

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