February 5, 2023

Representative. Matt Gaetz Downloads upon Corrupt DC Swamp: ‘If You Think Differently, You’re Hunted’

“You’re hunted, canceled, they do everything to compromise you, and when that doesn’t work, they try to destroy you, ” says Florida congressman.

America First” firebrand Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla. ) joined Timcast IRL on Saturday to break down the inside baseball on what goes on behind closed doors in the DC Swamp.

“ There’s a whole facilities. Like if you’re part of the existing way of thinking, the national security state, the neoconservative worldview, there’s an entire infrastructure so that you can build out your career, ” Gaetz said.

“ There are endowed professorships. You will find think tanks are ready to give you six-figure jobs. There’s just like a career progression of work opportunities on the hill. ”

“ But if you think differently, you’re kind of hunted. You’re hunted, canceled, they do everything to compromise you, and if that doesn’t work, these people try to destroy you, ” he said.

He went on to explain that will freshman lawmakers are introduced to panels of lobbyists relative to their committee passions and are expected to play basketball at the expense of their principles.

“ We don’t think that’s compromise so much as selling out, ” Gaetz noted.

Watch the full show:

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