February 6, 2023

Whistleblower: Migrants Living for Free in NYC Hotels are Combating Staff, Drinking All Day, Having Sex in Public

As they enjoy having no costs for room and table.

Border crossers, living for free in New York City hotel rooms, are fighting personnel, drinking all day, and having sex in public, among other things, a whistleblower alleges.

As Breitbart News  has chronicled   for months, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has bused tens of thousands of border crossers towards the sanctuary city of New York City given that April 2022. In return, Mayor Eric Adams (D) provides turned the migration right into a cash boondoggle for luxury hotels that have received lucrative million-dollar contracts to house hundreds of boundary crossers.

Among those hotels is Row NEW YORK CITY. which has opened many of its rooms to border crossers. An employee of the hotel, Felipe Rodriguez, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham immediately that the new arrivals are fighting with hotel employees, drinking all day long, and making love in public as they enjoy having no expenses for room plus board.

“ The chaos that we see at the Row today is certainly compiled by migrants being consumed, drinking all day, smoking cannabis, consuming drugs, and domestic violence … people making love in the stairs, young people, teens, they use the fire quit stairs to go in there is to do that they do, ” Rodriguez said, adding:

We have people trying to act like the hotel is usually theirs and we have no legal rights. The form in which they keep their rooms is terrible. They don’t clean it, indicate fold their clothes … it’s piles and piles, they’re hoarding clothes, they may hoarding whatever they can hoard. There’s no accountability. And when you go into their rooms and state something, the hotel management, especially the [general manager], directs us that wish not allowed to tell them anything. They have carte blanche at the Row.

In one particular instance, Rodriguez said a drunk migrant got into a fight with a hotel security guard, prompting staff to call the authorities where he discovered that border crossers have been doing drugs in the hotel:

There was a fight in the lobby, I was there that night.   Among the migrants was drunk and he took a swing on a security officer and hit him in the head.   The security for the hotel took him down. The NYPD responded and when they entered the hotel,   there were a couple of teenagers at the stairs of the lobby … and while they saw the cops, they just dropped the weed within the stairs.  [Emphasis added]

Rodriguez said the hotel is also becoming a haven meant for illnesses and viruses.

“ Fortunately for the migrants, they got the government of the United States to hand them carte blanche to do as they want. They go in and out of the resort, ” Rodriguez said. This individual continued:

You’ve got people sick inside that are spreading all types of ailments — chicken pox, COVID-19 … right now, the ones with all the current power are the migrants. The hotel workers lost all their power. The general manager does not have our back. I guess just about all he cares about could be the money he’s making.

Months ago, Daniel Barber with the  Citywide Council of Presidents of New York City Casing Authority Tenant Associations called out Adams for investing at least  $600 million   to the newly arrived border crossers while the city’s working poor struggle in subsidized housing projects.

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