February 4, 2023

Davos Watch: Top Globalists Storyline How To Stop Humanity’s Arising Against Great Reset Takeover — Check Back for Up-dates!

Globalists gather with exclusive confab in Swiss to chart out the next steps of the Great Totally reset takeover.

The World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, which will have a record attendance of top government leaders, fund and business executives, plus media personalities , has begun on Monday.

In the spirit of its theme “ Cooperation in a Fragmented World , ” the 5-day event will cover discussions about the worldwide economy, the Ukraine discord, controlling discourse online, climate change, and other tenets from the Great Reset agenda.

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Time 1 – Monday Jan. 16:

WEF owner Klaus Schwab kicked from the annual globalist confab.

“ We could not meet at a more challenging period. We are confronted with so many downturn simultaneously. What does it need to master the future? I think to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are usually engaged, ” Schwab said.

The Davos event opened with a community forum about climate change and a musical performance from musicians from around the world.

Rebel Information reporters noted the beefed up law enforcement presence in Davos and interviewed locals about the globalist event.

Police are even driving militarized Mercedes vans around Davos.

NYU Professor Amy Webb bragged in regards to the experimental mRNA technology in the COVID shots inserting “ engineered code” into the genome of people who took the vaccine.

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