January 29, 2023

WTF: Sam Harris Complains Not Enough Children Died During Pandemic to Derail ‘Vaccine Skepticism’

“There would have been no fucking patience for vaccine skepticism. Everyone would have recognized that this is not ‘my body the choice, ‘ this is ‘you’re not gonna kill my children with your ignorance, ‘” he says.

Far-left “ philosopher” Sam Harris lamented that not enough children died during the COVID-19 pandemic to stamp out vaccine skepticism.

In an look on John Woods Junior. ‘s “ Uniting America” podcast on Friday, Harris argued that the COVID outbreak would have been a lot different acquired the virus targeted children as opposed to the elderly.

“ Had COVID been worse, just enough worse to really obtain our attention, to really become undeniable, we would have had an alternative political conversation around it, ” Harris said. “ There wouldn’t have been exactly the same kind of vaccine skepticism. ”

Harris after that claimed if “ several variables” of the pandemic had been changed, vaccine skepticism would have never happened.

“ Leave COVID exactly as it is. but just make this preferentially dangerous to kids rather than to old people. Just flip that about, the variable of age, ” Harris said.

“ If children were dying by the hundreds of thousands from COVID at a rate of, whatever it was, one percent. But if it was pretty much almost all kids, we would’ve had a very different experience, right? ”

“ There would have been no banging patience for vaccine skepticism. Everyone would have recognized this is not ‘ my body our choice, ‘ this is ‘ you’re not gonna kill my children with your ignorance. ‘”

Harris also contended that if the vaccine in fact worked, “ patience” intended for vaccine skepticism would “ be nonexistent. ”

So Harris’ point is if more children died and the vaccines actually worked, nobody would tolerate refuse against the vaccine.

What a genius take!

This isn’t the first time Harris has made controversial remarks.

In August, this individual admitted that social media giants censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the election was “ the left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Jesse Trump, ” and that Huge Tech censorship was “ warranted” to help Joe Biden defeat Trump.

“ Hunter Biden actually could have had the corpses of children in his basement (on his laptop), ” Harris said. “ I would not need cared. ”

He rage-quit Twitter briefly after getting called to confirming the Hunter laptop computer story was real.

The full interview is available below:

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