February 4, 2023

Half of Citizens in Nine EUROPEAN Nations Want Quick End to Ukraine Conflict – Poll

Some 48% of respondents surveyed by pollster Euroskopia said they desired Kiev to compromise for the sake of peace

Roughly half the people in nine EU nations favor a fast end to the armed issue in Ukraine, even if it means Kiev would have to relinquish the claims on some of its former territory, a new opinion poll has shown.

The survey was conducted in Austria, Italy, Germany, Greece, Italy, holland, Poland, Portugal and The country. The results were reported upon Tuesday by Euroskopia – an alliance of polling agencies based in those countries.

Some 48% of all respondents said these people favored a quick resolution towards the conflict, even if it intended Ukraine had to lose land to achieve that goal. Only 32% opposed the idea of Kiev producing sacrifices for peace.

Ukrainian officials pledged to fight until their own forces seized control of all the territory the country considers its, and EU leaders possess vowed to help as long as it requires.

The EUROPEAN UNION public’s skepticism was especially profound in Austria plus Germany, where 64% plus 60% of those surveyed, correspondingly, favored a shortcut in order to peace. Euroskopia noted this perspective clashed with the established stance of the German federal government, which has been among the most generous supporters in the EU in terms of military aid to Kiev.

Respondents in the Holland (27%) and Poland (28%) were the least supportive of making compromises to achieve peace, the particular poll indicated.

A majority (56%) of people within the nine EU nations wish to continue shipping arms to Ukraine, but there was a dissenting minority. In Portugal and Italy, 60% and 50% of survey individuals opposed the military support, while 38% in every country said they authorized of it.

Greeks and Italians are also among the least supportive of the sanctions imposed by the EU upon Russia, according to the poll. Whilst over 51% of all individuals polled favored the restrictions, the share of Greeks and Italians backing the policy was just 29% and 38%, respectively. Within Austria, 38% of respondents approved of the sanctions.

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