January 28, 2023

Musk Says ZeroHedge Did “Nothing Warranting Suspension” After ‘Twitter Files’ Expose Big Pharma Bullying

‘Zerohedge can be jerks at times, but they did nothing warranting suspension’

Today’s  Tweets Files drop   contains several notable pieces of  evidence .

First, that will lobbyists for the pharmaceutical market launched a   ‘ massive lobbying blitz to crush any hard work to share patents/IP for new covid-related medicine , ” according to  The Intercept ‘ s Lee Fang. Included in this effort, lobbying group BIO “ wrote towards the newly elected Biden admin,   demanding the U. S. gov sanction any country attempting to break patent rights and create generic low cost covid medicine or vaccines.

Of note, Pfizer and BioNTech raked in  $37 billion within revenue in 2021 by itself   from the COVID-19 vaccine, while Moderna made $17. 7 billion the same year (and has recently announced a plan to hike the price of the Covid-19 vaccine simply by approximately  400% ).

BioNTech,   which usually developed the Pfizer vaccine, “ reached out to Twitter to request that Twitter directly censor users tweeting at them to ask for generic low cost vaccines.

According to Fang, “ Twitter’s reps responded rapidly to the pharma request, ”   while “ A lobbyist in Europe  asked   the content moderation team in order to the accounts of Pfizer, AstraZeneca & of activist hashtags like #peoplesvaccine. ”

Meanwhile, the “ fake accounts” flagged by the pharmaceutical companies for action were  real people   – certainly one of whom Fang spoke along with on the phone.

“ For more than two years,   a worldwide movement has been speaking away against pharmaceutical greed and demanding that everyone, just about everywhere has the tools to fight pandemics , ” mentioned Maaza Seyoum, a campaigner for the People’s Vaccine Connections. “ Whatever nasty methods companies and governments draw, ” she continued, “ we cannot and will not be silenced. ”

Second ,   ‘ Pfizer & Moderna’s lobbying group, BIO, fully funded a special content moderation campaign designed by a contractor called Community Good Projects (PGP), which worked w/Twitter to set articles moderation rules around covid “ misinformation. ” ‘ according to Fang.

BIO funded the PGP campaign, “ Stronger, ”   to the tune associated with $1. 275 million.   Its focus ?   Helping Tweets ‘ create content moderation bots, ‘   selecting which public wellness accounts would be verified, plus helping to crowdsource content takedowns.

Of notice,   the Moderna/Pfizer-funded campaign included regular email messages to Twitter officals with takedown and verification demands .

“ Here’s an example of those forms of emails that went right to Twitter’s lobbyists and articles moderators.   Many focused on @zerohedge, that was suspended .

Fang includes a screencap of an email with  two excel spreadsheets   containing said requests.

From Fang’s   Intercept   item,   below is one of the flagged tweets in question   – which  links   to a ZeroHedge article aggregated from NakedCapitalism, and which logically posits; “ if a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person have roughly exactly the same capacity to carry, shed plus transmit the virus, particularly in its Delta form, what distinction does implementing a vaccination passport actually make to the spread of the virus? ”

“ To try and stifle digital dissent throughout a pandemic, when tweets and emails are some of the just forms of protest available to those people locked in their homes,   is deeply menacing , ” said Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now.

More on one of the people at the rear of this effort, courtesy of Tweets user  @TexasLindsay_

“ To translate the above into layman’s terms she actually is a narrative enforcer. She is funded by Big Pharma and aided by Big Brother to be the ministry of reality. She aims to create social norms by means of censorship plus propaganda.   She wants to tell you & I— how/what to say and believe.

Meanwhile, as this bullying advanced this was happening…

Finally, as this latest ‘ Twitter Files’ thread spreads across a holiday market,   Elon Musk himself has opined on the initiatives to bully the former Twitter executives into censoring ZeroHedge :

We’ll take the ‘ becoming jerks’ jab… isn’t that what the media is supposed to become?

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