February 4, 2023

Noua Withheld Data From FDA Regulators to Get Bivalent Enhancer Approved

Biggest purveyor of vaccine ‘misinformation’ can be pharmaceutical industry

How many periods have we been dealt with, in the era of the New Normal, to exasperated corporate media hacks complaining about “ misinformation” pushed by “ conspiracy theorists” regarding the  COVID-19 mRNA gene therapies deceptively marketed as “ vaccines” ?

As it ends up, the biggest purveyor of false information is the pharmaceutical industry, followed closely by the government plus corporate media.

Via  CNN :

The pharmaceutical company Noua didn’t present a set of an infection data on the company’s brand new Covid-19 booster during conferences last year when [FDA] advisers discussed whether the shot should be authorized plus made available to the public…
That data suggested the chance that the updated booster may not be any more effective at preventing Covid-19 infections than the original pictures.

Specifically, Moderna hid data on actual infection prices among patients who were administered the original booster and those whom got the bivalent “ vaccine. ” The reason is obvious: The data showed that the unique booster resulted in fewer infections than the bivalent version, which usually clearly wouldn’t be good information for sales.

1 . 9% of the study participants that received the original booster grew to become infected. Among those who obtained the updated bivalent vaccine – the one that scientists hoped would work better – a better percentage, 3. 2%, grew to become infected.

Research released simply by the  New England Journal of Medication   found that “ boosting along with new bivalent mRNA vaccines targeting both the BA. 4– BA. 5 variant as well as the D614G strain did not generate a discernibly superior virus-neutralizing peak antibody response in comparison with boosting with the first monovalent vaccines. ”

In English, which means they don’t work as promised.


When will Moderna get its Twitter account hanging for promulgating dangerous misinformation?

When can the White House collude to censor Moderna’s free speech?

When will Moderna’s licenses to create drugs get suspended, the way doctors were threatened with having their medical licenses suspended for spreading COVID “ misinformation”?

When will CNN start conducting ambush interviews associated with Moderna executives, as they perform with defenseless independent professionals like Dr . Mercola which challenge big pharma orthodoxy?

The biggest secret as well as the only route towards true individual freedom

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