February 5, 2023

Web Reacts To Viral Post Exposing Dr . Fauci’s Involvement In The Deadly AIDS Epidemic

Homosexual activists stormed NIH within 1990 to protest Fauci’s HIV response

“ Did you know gay generous activists stormed the NIH in 1990? ” investigative journalist Kanekoa The Great asked on Twitter Monday.

The author explained the gay community “ blamed Dr . Anthony Fauci for blocking cheap and effective AIDS remedies and for only promoting costly and toxic drugs that benefited Big Pharma. ”

“ Fauci did the exact same thing during Covid-19, ” Kanekoa additional.

The blog post was accompanied by a video system of demonstrators speaking away against the pharmaceutical companies and Fauci’s corrupt NIH in cahoots.

Several top political analysts and activists shared and commented on the viral post.

Investigative journalist Lara Logan had written, “ Yes – I did know this. And I stood in a graveyard in South Africa on a Sunday night filming them dig rows plus rows of graves with regard to babies & tiny kids – they did it 7 days after week. Millions died across Africa because of Fauci. ”

Attorney and podcast host Viva Frei suggested people get Robert Kennedy Jr. ‘s guide “ The Real Anthony Fauci” to learn more about the doctor’s darkish past.

Former UFC jet fighter Jake Shields commented over the post to say Dr . Fauci “ poisoned and killed” his cousin.

Not much has changed as the corrupt doctor was the lead man for the most vicious medical scam ever pulled off in the COVID-19 pandemic and following mRNA “ vaccine” rollout.

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