January 29, 2023

FBI Decided Not To Monitor Biden Record Search

In order to ‘avoid complicating later on stages of the investigation’.

After Leader Biden’s lawyers found classified documents at an office this individual used at a DC believe tank,   His Justice Department considered, and then dropped, a plan to have FBI agents monitor a search for classified documents at his residences, in order to ‘ avoid complicating later stages of the analysis, ‘ and because Biden’s lawyers ‘ had quickly turned over a first batch plus were cooperating, ‘ the  Wall Street Journal   reports, citing people familiar with the matter.

Instead, the particular DOJ decided that it will be just fine for Biden’s lawyers to conduct the additional searches  by themselves , plus would agree to immediately notify the Justice Department if they found any other potentially categorized records – after which law-enforcement authorities would take them.

The arrangement supposed that FBI agents didn’t bear witness to activities such as the volume, or contents, of whatever might turn up. This really is, of course , the  same FBI  that will participated in a plan (and fabricated evidence) in a story to frame former Chief executive Trump as a Russian resource, and then ran cover for the Bidens during the 2020 US election  – telling social media companies that Seeker Biden’s laptop, or anything like it, was likely  Russian disinformation .

Within the week since news reports first surfaced about the paperwork, the incident has drawn parallels to the discovery of a much larger number of documents with former President  Donald Trump ‘s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, which federal agents  attained a warrant to search within August   right after more than a year of negotiations between Mr. Trump’s lawyers, the National Archives as well as the Justice Department and after Mister. Trump’s lawyers said all of documents had been returned. -WSJ

After the initial finding on the Penn-Biden Center in early Nov (and not disclosed till last week),   classified materials were discovered on  three separate occasions   in Biden’s Wilmington home in December and January, within the garage and a room adjacent to it, White House lawyer Richard Sauber said last week.

According to Sauber, the documents were “ inadvertently placed” at the areas.

Trump followers have accused the DOJ of a  double standard   in the handling of the Biden scenario vs . Trump’s. And of course, since President, Trump’s ability to declassify the documents obtained in the raid remains a constitutional grey area.  

Biden’s supporters possess pointed to the president’s assistance,   however the DOJ’s willingness to let Biden’s lawyers conduct unsupervised lookups is obviously fraught with concern .

According to the White House, it’s no big deal.

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