February 4, 2023

Numerous GOP Members Are ‘Pro-Russia’ Because of ‘QAnon, ’ States Gov. Pritzker at Davos

Illinois governor makes foolish remarks at globalist Davos summit.

Illinois Gov. M. B. Pritzker (D) held responsible “ QAnon” for some GOP members not supporting the endless Ukraine conflict, calling them “ pro-Russia. ”

“ There are still people in the GOP caucus who are very Pro-Russia, and I wonder about that within this day and age, in this moment, ” he said at the Entire world Economic Forum’s annual Davos summit on Tuesday.

“ I just don’t know where that stuff originates from other than Qanon, ” this individual added.

Unlike being “ pro-Russia, ” the members of the GOP Pritzker referred to simply don’t support paying tens of vast amounts of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine with no strings attached while America’s boundary collapses .

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