January 29, 2023

Professional Golf Trainer Infected along with Covid 3 TIMES Admits “I Wish I Never Got” Jab

Instructor famous for training golf legend Tiger Woods admits he or she wished he never received Covid jab.

An American golfing instructor famous for training pro golfer Tiger Woods admitted he or she wished he never received a Covid jab right after it did nothing to prevent him from being infected with Covid.

In a Twitter write-up Saturday, Hank Haney bashed the jab saying he is been “ nothing but unwell since. ”

“ There are no regrets getting the Covid vaccine, I regret additional bad decisions I’ve made in my life but not that one, ” Haney claimed, bizarrely going on to add, “ I just wish I never got it. Covid 3 times after the vaccine plus I’ve nothing but sick given that. ”

Inside a parting comment on the mRNA jab’s infamous side effects, Haney remarked, “ I guess I should be happy, haven’t had a stroke yet. ”

Haney made the comment after posting a of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky falsely claiming “ vaccinated people do not carry the virus, and do not get sick. ”

“ I’m wondering if anyone is definitely ever going to say i am sorry we got this wrong? ” Haney asked.

Replying to a Twitter commenter who claimed the particular jabs were never meant to prevent infection, Haney pressed back that they in fact had been promoted in that manner.

Haney is appropriate.

Early on during the jab rollout, the mainstream media almost within synchrony claimed the jabs “ prevent infection, ” to the point that some stores were “ debunking ” statements claiming otherwise.

In addition to Padraig harrington, Haney has also trained PGA Tour winner Mark O’Meara.

The professional golf trainer’s negative sentiments toward the Covid jab come as the FDA and CDC have admitted these kinds of are investigating a link between enhancer jabs and strokes in “ people aged 65 and older. ” Despite the announcement, the CDC has absurdly continued to recommend people obtain boosted .

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