February 4, 2023

The FAA Has Very Quietly Tacitly Admitted That the EKGs of Pilots are No Longer Normal. We Should be Concerned — Quite Concerned

After the vaccine rolled out, the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION secretly widened the EKG parameter range for fliers so they wouldn’t be grounded. It looks like the vax gave at least 50M Us citizens heart damage.

In the Oct 2022 version of the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION Guide for Aviation Healthcare Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of. 2 to unlimited). And so they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened this by a lot. It was completed after the vaccine rollout.

This is outstanding. They did it hoping no one would notice. It proved helpful for a while. Nobody caught this.

But you aren’t hide these things for lengthy.

This is a tacit admission from the US federal government that the COVID vaccine offers damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.

The cardiac harm of course is not restricted to pilots.

Our best guess right now will be that  over 50M Americans   suffered some amount of heart harm from the shot.

That’s a lot of people who is going to be very upset when they understand the vaccine they took to reduce their chance of about to die from COVID actually proved helpful in reverse making it:

  1. More likely that people can get COVID
  2. End up being hospitalized from COVID as well as other diseases
  3. Expire from COVID (and additional diseases)
  4. You also have an excellent chance of getting a duration of heart damage for no extra charge.

But don’t be concerned; you can’t sue them. They fixed the law so not one of them aren’t liable (the doctors, the drug companies, the particular government). After all, you got the vaccine of your own totally free will. It’s not like you were forced (or coerced) to take it or anything like this! And there were plenty of individuals warning you not to take the particular shots (even though they censored most of them).

In this article, I will describe the evidence and thinking behind all my claims.

As I learn more, I will refine the estimate.


Upon October 24, 2022, the FAA quietly, without any announcement at all, widened the EKG requirements necessary for pilots to be able to fly.

The PR (a measure of cardiovascular function) used to be in the selection of. 12 to. 2 .

It is now:. 12 to. 3 and potentially even higher.

This can be a very wide range; it accommodates people who have cardiac injury. Cardiologist Thomas Levy is appalled at this change:

Why did they make the particular change?

The reason why would they do that?

I’ll take an informed guess as to why they do that. I believe it is because they knew if they kept the original range, too many pilots would have to be grounded. That would be incredibly problematic; commercial aviation in the US would be severely disrupted.

And why do they do that quietly with out notifying the public or the popular media?

I am pretty sure they won’t tell me, so I’ll speculate: it’s because they didn’t want anyone to understand.

In other words, the COVID vaccine has significantly injured a lot of pilots as well as the FAA knows it plus said nothing because that could tip off the country that the vaccines are unsafe. And also you aren’t allowed to do that.

Why we sure it was the vaccine that did it

There are several clues that are consistent with “ it was the vaccine but not COVID”:

  1. They were quiet about it. If this was COVID, you can be open public. But the vaccine is supposed to end up being safe.

  1. The timing. October 2022 is late pertaining to COVID. If it was because of COVID, it would have happened well before now. They can create changes every month.
  2. The vaccine creates far more injury to the heart than COVID ( which creates  NO added risk   per this considerable Israeli study of 196, 992  unvaccinated  adults after Covid infection).
  3. Anecdotally, cardiologists only started to notice the harm post-vaccine.
  4. All the sudden deaths started post-vaccine.

The data supporting my 20% harm estimate

I know from a study of 177 people in Puerto Vasto (97% of whom had been vaccinated) ages 8 to 84, that  70% of those people, whenever screened for cardiac injuries using an FDA-approved testing gadget (from Heart Care Corp), exhibited objective signs of cardiac injury .

There was a study done on pilots. It will be published in The Epoch Times afterwards this week. That indicated coronary heart damage in over twenty percent of pilots screened (The Epoch Times will discharge the exact number).

The Thailand study showed nearly 30% of children were injured. But kids are indestructible so the 30% injury rate within kids translates into a higher rate for all adults.

VAERS shows that cardiac damage happens whatsoever ages, not just the younger:

Bottom line: The most logical conclusion is that the FAA knows the hearts of our nations pilots have been injured with the COVID vaccine that they had been coerced into taking, the number of pilots affected is massive, the cardiac damage is definitely extensive, and passenger protection is being compromised by the lowering of the standards to enable fliers to fly.

The right thing would be for your FAA to come clean and acknowledge to the American public that this COVID vaccine has hurt 20% or more of the fliers (based on their limited EKG screening), but I question that they will ever do that.

The change: from 200 msec to  300 msec and over and above

The particular changes were made on October 24, 2022 in order to the  GUIDE PERTAINING TO AVIATION MEDICAL EXAMINERS .

Here is the  change log where one can see the change listed   (see page 4):

Here is what the plan was before the change. It was just one row:

Listed below are what it looks like as of Oct 24, 2022 (click the image to see the context):

Therefore it is now two rows, one particular for less than 300 ms (it used to be 200 ms), and a second row to handle 300 microsoft or more.

For more information about the change, see  Myocarditis: Once Rare, At this point Common .

The Thailand study

In the US, we are not allowed to do lab tests on individuals before and after the vaccine.

The reason for that is simple: it would make it crystal clear which the vaccines are unsafe. For this reason there are no before/after studies in the US. There never will be.

Why? Because that is how science works in America today: it’s dishonest to design a study that might show that the COVID vaccines which they forced us to take trigger harm.

Believe I’m kidding about how these people game the trials? Obtain a copy of  Turtles All the Way Down   and just read the first chapter. It’s eyes opening.

Despite the fact that we can’t do a before/after study in the US, they do such  a study in Thailand   upon 301 kids. They discovered that 29. 24% from the participants developed cardiac injuries within days after they obtained the second shot:

But here’s the most important part about this study that nobody highlights:

None of the tests that were done in the Thailand study included doing a cardiac MRI along with contrast on all the participants since that would be expensive and invasive. That test could be the gold-standard for cardiac damage.

Put simply, the  29% price of injury was a reduce bound of injury .

If you do a cardiac MRI upon all those kids, you are going to find stuff that you will not find utilizing the cheap and easy tests. Maybe a lot of stuff.


In my opinion that the actual rate of heart injury from these vaccines will be found to be well over the 29. 7% price of heart damage in the Thailand study.

At a more conservative twenty percent injury rate, we are taking a look at 50M Americans with cardiovascular damage caused by the jab.

As more research are done, it’s going to be superior why so many people are declining suddenly, especially kids. It’s also going to explain why nursing homes have lost up to 33% of the residents in 12 months exactly where before they were losing just one or 2% a year. It can explain why I was unable to find even a single medical home where the all-cause mortality dropped after the vaccines rolled out. And it’s going to describe why none of the nursing facilities wanted to talk to me as to what happened to people after the photos rolled out.

Confidence in the CDC as well as the medical community should strike rock bottom after it is revealed how extensive the damage caused by these vaccines is.

The fact that the Asia study was published inside a peer-reviewed journal, that they only did the easy-to-do tests (which only found some of the damage), and the FAA quietly changed their EKG guidance should at least open up your mind to the possibility which i might be right.

This narrative is going to begin falling apart at an faster rate.

Stay tuned for more. The best is yet in the future. And it’s going to be epic.

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