January 29, 2023

Climate Change Fearmonger Al Gore Slammed For Outlandish Rant At WEF In Davos

Former vice president claims there will be 1 billion dollars climate refugees this hundred years

America’s former Liberal Vice President Al Gore went on a wild rant during Wednesday’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The inaccurate climate alarmist continued to make absurd claims regarding Earth’s weather conditions, such as claiming there will be one billion climate refugees this century.

“ Look at the xenophobia and political authoritarian trends that have originate from just a few million [climate] refugees. What about the billion?! We would lose the capacity for self-governance on this world, ” he frantically shouted.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News mocked the Gore rant during his Wed program, laughing at the elitist climate hoaxer for informing people the masses fleeing Communist dictatorships in Venezuela and Cuba are risking their lives coming to The united states because of the climate.

“ At 74 years old, Al Gore is uncomfortable, synthetic, and weird when he has ever been… ever notice how the richer people get, the more they look like Bill Gates? It’s not your imagination. Al Gore… proves that theory. ”

Fox News host Sean Hannity also commented upon Gore’s outburst, telling their audience Gore was pushing Climate Change fear plus worldwide socialism.

At one point, Gore admitted the recently approved U. S. Inflation Reduction Act was “ mainly a climate act” disguised as legislation that would help the economy.

Environment author Bjorn Lomborg published on Twitter, “ Ing Gore climate catastrophizing in Davos No, oceans not boiling. No, you can’t just claim a billion political refugees — in 2005 EL predicted 50m refugees by 2010. Didn’t happen, got scrubbed from website. We need smart climate policy, not catastrophizing. ”

See Gore’s full WEF appearance below:

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