January 27, 2023

ALL OF US Finalizing Next Ukraine Army Aid Package at $2. 6 Billion

Expected to rank one of the biggest single packages revealed since the start of the war

The united states is in the final stages associated with preparing a massive new army aid package to Ukraine which will total as much as  $2. 6 billion, the Associated Press   previewed Wednesday night, and its to include nearly  100 Stryker combat vehicles  – marking the first time the particular Stryker will be introduced to the Ukrainian battlefield – with least 50 Bradley Combating Vehicles.

It could be announced by the end of the week, and is expected to position among the biggest single deals unveiled since the start of the battle. When pressed for further information,   State Department spokesman Ned Price simply  said ,   “ Two words: stay tuned. ”

Similar to Bradley vehicles, the Stryker moves infantry across the battlefield, but are lighter and quicker than the Bradley. “ What we’re trying to look at will be the mix of armored and mechanical forces that make sense, ” undersecretary of defense pertaining to policy  Colin Kahl  said separately on Wednesday.

“ The Russians are really digging within. They’re digging in. They’re digging trenches, they’re putting in these dragon’s teeth, laying mines. They’re really endeavoring to fortify that that FLOT, that forward line of soldiers, ” Kahl  continued .

“ To enable the Ukrainians to break through given Russian protection,   the emphasis continues to be shifted to enabling them to combine fire and control in a way that will prove to be more effective. ”

But the real question is whether Washington will sign away from on going past the ‘ lighting tanks’ or mere troop carriers that it has currently limited itself to providing. The  Scholz  government associated with Germany surprised allies recently in saying it’s  ready to approve sending   German-manufactured Leopard tanks to Ukraine  only if Washington leads the way in approving its heavy tanks.

“ Germany refuse to allow allies to ship German-made tanks to Ukraine  to help its defense against Russia  nor send its own systems  unless the U. S. agrees to send American-made battle tanks, senior German born officials said on Wednesday, ”   in accordance   to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

But given Bremen knew that the Biden administration has shut the door upon approving American M1 Abrams (at least for now), this could have been a trick to effectively end the particular debate and take the stress off the Scholz government.

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