January 27, 2023

Boundary Wars: Cartel Members Shoot At US Drone

Criminal gangs also using their own drones to spy on American law enforcement plus smuggle drugs

Footage released this week displays alleged members of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel capturing AK-47 rifles at a Oughout. S. drone.

In the video, taken by Newsmax border reporter Jaeson Jones, a drone operator can be heard stating, “ He’s got the rifle with him. He’s going to shoot at me today. ”

Appearing on Newsmax , Jones criticized Homeland Security and the Biden administration for failing to deal with the dangerous and fatal situation at America’s southern border.

“ What you are seeing is really a Sinaloa Cartel base 300 meters inside Mexico from the U. S. border, ” Jones said. “ These cartel members were literally shooting into the U. T. at this drone. ”

At the same time, the National Border Patrol Council’s Brandon Judd recently said the cartels are utilizing their own drones to search positions and “ help the drug trade. ”

“ They’ll also use the drones to actually fly into United States property and they’ll carry small deals with drugs, ” he told News Nation .

Reporters with the outlet recently rode along with the Texas Department associated with Public Safety (DPS) where they saw smugglers wait for law enforcement agents to be called to action before they sent illegal immigrants over the border.

This shows the cartels were monitoring the whereabouts associated with officers in order to complete their own lucrative human and medication smuggling operations.

The flood of a lot of illegals, deadly drugs and violent criminals into America is a national emergency the government is refusing to address.

Those responsible for permitting this tragedy should encounter criminal charges.

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