February 1, 2023

Most recent Veritas: ‘Evil’ CRT Sales person Says His Boss Is definitely ‘Running A Non-Profit But It’s For Profit’

‘I have people on my team who have never taught just before but know sales, ‘ the employee admitted.

An employee working at a non-profit group created to educate educators about “ equity” accepted to an undercover Project Veritas reporter that his company is illegally making money.

The worker, a Content Manager named Dr . Quintin Bostic, was previously exposed for bragging in regards to the non-profit illegally selling Critical Race Theory curriculum in order to Georgia schools in violation of state law.

He even told Veritas , “ I would say I am a good salesman, but Now i am also an evil store assistant. ”

The business, Teaching Lab ,   describes itself as a “ non-profit firm whose mission is to essentially shift the paradigm associated with teacher professional learning to get educational equity. ”

On Thursday , Project Veritas launched a second video of Doctor Bostic describing the internal workings of the company he called a “ fraud lab. ”

“ My boss [Teaching Lab CEO Sarah Johnson] is a freaking psychopath… She’s running a non-profit but it could for profit, ” Doctor Bostic told the undercover journalist.

Doctor Bostic went on to explain organizations like The Gates Foundation supply funding for a program to become created by Teaching Lab through a grant.

“ Once the grant is over, a person take the program, and you sell it to people – for money, ” he said.

However , when Bostic inquired his boss if that “ is legal, ” she allegedly said, “ It’s not my problem. ”

The doctor also noted the company doesn’t worry about the children being corrupted by CRT criteria as much as it cares about selling the product.

He or she told Veritas , “ I have people on my team who have never taught before but know sales… literally [they say] like, ‘ I hate kids. ‘ I’m like, ‘ Do say that in front of a partner, just keep it to yourself. ‘”

Task Veritas is constantly on the shine a light on woke teachers   trying to  indoctrinate   children with  radical   CRT and  LGBTQ content .

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