January 29, 2023

Teenager Illegal Alien Killed Traversing Texas Road

Drivers victimized by Biden regime as illegal aliens cause havoc on Texas roads

The teenage illegal alien was fatally struck on a road in Texas this week in the latest incident of its kind, according to reports.

The deadly collision happened in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday near Eagle Complete, a town that has been relentlessly hammered by the Biden migrant invasion.

“ Tragedy strikes as a migrant was killed running throughout the road before dawn this morning near Eagle Pass, TX – officials found paperwork on him leading them to believe he was a seventeen yo male from Guatemala but the investigation is still on-going, ” Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins reported upon social media.

Jenkins shared video footage from the scene of the accident in which Texas Department of Public Protection (TxDPS) troopers can be seen conducting an investigation and directing traffic.

The vehicle involved in the crash may have been the damaged Dodge SUV noticed in the video.

Scant additional information has been released in regards to the incident.

Unlawful aliens have been wreaking havoc on occupied Texas roadways .

Last month, a 15-year-old illegal alien from Mexico had been struck and seriously injured while running across the highway in El Paso.

In June, a good illegal migrant was hit by a car and killed while fleeing police during a bailout on a highway in South Texas.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the  Texas-Mexico edge , as Infowars  regularly reports .

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