January 29, 2023

Watch – ‘Digital Infrastructure’ Needed to Monitor Who’s Vaccinated along with ‘Slew of Vaccines’ in order to ‘Come Down the Line, ’ Ex-UK PM Tony Blair Shows Davos

‘You need to know who’s already been vaccinated and who hasn’t been, ‘ Blair told many other WEF panelists.

A digital infrastructure should be created to identify which vaccines a person has taken as more jabs prepare to be folded out, former UK Perfect Minister Tony Blair told World Economic Forum attendees.

“ I think there’s a huge impetus now for a national digital infrastructure, ” Blair stated Thursday.

“ Digitization in health care is one of the great game changers. We should be helping countries create a national digital infrastructure, which they will need using these new vaccines , ” he said.

Elaborating on his proposal, Blair insisted such a program – not unlike the Chinese language social credit score or vaccine passport systems – would be needed for “ vaccines that will come down the line. ”

“ You need to know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t been, ” Blair told fellow panelists, growing increasingly thrilled at the prospect. “ Some of the vaccines which will come down the line will be several shots , so you have to have – for great do with health care a lot more generally, but certainly for a outbreak, or for the vaccines – you’ve got to have a proper digital infrastructure. ”

Blair also struggled to hold back a smile when he discussed having the digital facilities in place for a “ slew of new vaccines, injectables that are going to deal with a few of the worst diseases in the world that give us the opportunity to make big changes in the health of the globe. ”

So , according to the previous PM, the globalists need digital health monitoring of the population to see if they’ve taken their “ slew” of “ new vaccines” created for “ some of the most severe diseases in the world” – and the Covid scaremongering has furnished the perfect “ opportunity to make [these] big changes. ”

But don’t worry – the popular media says nothing important’s being discussed at Davos!

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