February 1, 2023

Breaking: Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain To Step Down Amid Classified Document Scandal

After serving for two years at the White Home, Klain will step down after Biden’s State from the Union Address on Feb. 7.

Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s chief of staff, will step down after Biden delivers their State of the Union address, according to reports.

His exit comes amid another scandal involving Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and government suppression of this information from the public.

Klain, who served for two years in the White House, will remain at their post until sometime after Biden’s SOTU address on Feb. 7.

From CNN :

Klain’s departure stomach at a difficult time for Biden, with a special counsel  investigating his handling of classified information   after his time since vice president and with the administration and the president’s family  facing renewed scrutiny   by the GOP-controlled US House of Representatives. The familiar with Klain’s plans stated his decision to stage down is not related to the particular investigation underway about categorized documents found at Biden’s private office and Delaware residence, with the decision being made before the  unique counsel was announced .

Klain’s expected exit continues to be widely discussed within and around the White House in latest weeks, though those discussions – and the speculation regarding who would replace Klain – has intensified in latest days. Those deliberations occurred to coincide with the public disclosure of the misplaced classified documents, and multiple people familiar with the situation have mentioned there has been sensitivity around avoiding the incorrect suggestion that Klain’s eventual departure might for some reason be tied to that development.

Klain has been mulling his departure since November’s midterm elections, according to a person acquainted with the matter, who said people inside the White House have watched closely for clues as to his intentions. Klain is known to email staff whatsoever hours and even check on fuel prices in the middle of the night – a work pace that many of his colleagues seen as unsustainable in the long run.

A search to get a replacement is reportedly underway, with Senior Adviser Anita Dunn, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and agent Susan Rice considered achievable alternatives.

The Tucker Carlson highlighted in November, Klain was a good authoritarian and a buffoon.

But given his achievable replacements, those qualities probably won’t be in short supply.

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