January 27, 2023

Pfizer Must Compensate Those Damaged By Its COVID Vaccines, Cardiologist Says

“The fines should be so big that pharmaceutical companies risk going bankrupt and older executives should go to prison if they knew their healthcare intervention was going to cause harm, ” says Dr . Aseem Malhotra.

Pfizer should pay compensation to all recipients who’ve been wounded by its experimental COVID mRNA injection, says the UK cardiologist.

Dr . Aseem Malhotra joined “ The Ingraham Angle” on Friday to react to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla subterfuge tough questions by reporters about their company’s COVID vaccine throughout the World Economic Forum’s yearly Davos summit.

“ We’re dealing with one of the poorest efficacious pharmacological surgery with the worst safety user profile which has become the most lucrative in the history of medicine, ” Dr . Malhotra told host Laura Ingraham.

“ And that really amounts up a system failure at the rear of all of why we got to this stage. I’ve described this before as possibly the greatest miscarriage of healthcare science that we’ve observed in our lifetime. ”

Malhotra went on to describe how the most “ egregious” aspect is the collapse of government and medical protection standards.

“ These pharmaceutical companies possess a legal obligation to produce revenue for their shareholders. They do not have a legal requirement to give you the best treatment, ” he said. “ The real scandals are that regulators failed to avoid misconduct by industry. And that doctors, academic institutions and medical journals collude with industry for financial gain. ”

To prevent this kind of medical malpractice from taking place again, Pfizer should compensate those injured by the experimental COVID injection, he or she argued.

“ The fines should be therefore large that pharmaceutical companies risk going bankrupt and senior executives should go in order to jail if they knew their particular medical intervention was going to result in harm, ” he mentioned.

“ There are several people who are vaccine-injured. I’m having to look after them and handle them as well. It’s really terrible how they’ve been gaslighted. ”

“ And I think one of the things the Pfizer CEO could do maybe to redeem himself is to say, ‘ We’re going to give a very long our profits to helping treat the vaccine-injured is to do research into vaccine injuries, ‘” he added.

Ingraham agreed, observing she personally knows those who are “ hurting” as a result of taking jab.

Within 2020, the U. S i9000. granted Pfizer and Noua blanket immunity from liability of any injuries resulting from their COVID mRNA photos despite them being rubber-stamped with Emergency Use Consent rather than approved after extensive clinical trials.

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