February 1, 2023

WEF CALLS FOR NEW WORLD ORDER! Exactly what Globalists Are Planning In Davos EXPOSED

It’s not like the old blueprint. Today’s “New World Order” is technocracy on a global range made in the image of communism and evil.

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest information out of Davos as the Globe Economic Forum met to choose the fate of the world which does not want them.

We are coming to a precipice when it comes to globalism today. They’re getting their way. But people are getting up in huge numbers. How that will fare for the globalists is not yet known, but they’re openly calling for a “ New World Order” in Davos and promoting insane climate agendas as well as “ One World Religion” and human brain interfaces.

Even Elon Musk, who benefits from a lot of what the WEF promotes, attacked all of them on Twitter.

Tony Blair required a global vaccine passport system, others promoted censorship. It had been a get-together of the most bad and powerful people on the planet.

On this video, we break down the actual New World Order they’re discussing actually is. It’s not like the outdated blueprint. Today’s “ New World Order” is technocracy on a global scale made in the of communism and bad. They want to rid us of our very humanity. With the BRICS world reserve currency system, it’s clear what comes next, it’s all about exactly what we’re going to do about it.

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