January 27, 2023

Clarkson Fights Back: Goes On Offensive Against Woke Take-over

If you haven’ t signed the  Free Speech Union’ s petition  urging the CEO of ITV not to fire Jeremy Clarkson, please  do so today. Meanwhile, Clarkson has written a  blistering attack  around the woke takeover of Britain in today’ s  Weekend Times. Here’ s just how it begins: My boy came over for a father-and-son pre-football supper the other day, and as he fussed over the […]#@@#@!!

If you haven’t signed the  Free Speech Union’s petition   recommending the CEO of ITV not to fire Jeremy Clarkson, please  do so today . Meanwhile, Clarkson has written a  scorching attack   for the woke takeover of Britain in today’s  Sunday Times . Here’s how it begins:

My son emerged over for a father-and-son pre-football supper the other day, and as this individual fussed over the Aga, creating a particularly fine stir fry, we laughed about what innocuous word had been banned that will day and who’d already been cancelled. And then, after a stop, he said with a solemn face, “ You do understand there’s a war going on, don’t you? ”

He or she wasn’t talking about Ukraine. This individual was talking about a full-on left-wing campaign to unstitch and burn the fabric of Britain. And the professional is that no one really sees that what they’re doing is definitely serious. We laugh as they change the name of the Friend Francis Drake Primary School to something less slavey. We think it’s all a big joke. But it isn’t.

Think about what generally happens in a military operation and then look what the woke left has done here. It might be seized control of our television and radio stations to this kind of extent that last week Sophie Raworth said, on the BBC News at Six, having a straight face, “ Plus over now to our LGBT and diversity correspondent … ”

Plus TV drama? Unaffected? Right, and when was the last period you saw a fictional police force hunting a gang associated with Muslim extremists? It’s always the particular far right. And it’s exactly the same story in comedy. State anything you like about Boris or Rishi and the laughter track is turned up in order to 11. Make a joke about she/him pronouns or Greta Thunberg and they’ll blow some tumbleweed across the stage.

In sport we sometimes have three females doing the punditry at a mens football match, and if anybody remarks on this on Twitter, they are immediately singled out for your india-rubber treatment. And who is doing the erasing? Who’s producing the rules? That’s just it. We don’t have a clue. What we do know is that, having taken control of the television stations, without a shot being fired, they turned their interest, like any conquering army, to the schools. Here they proceeded to go fully Pol Pot, doing a comprehensive year-zero job to the curriculum so that kids would know their parents had been all racists. Apart from those with “ unconscious bias”. Who had been racists as well.

You probably think, because you can’t say for sure this war is going on, that whenever you drop little Johnny off at the school entrance he’s going to learn the nine instances table that day. Simply no, he isn’t. He’s learning that he might actually be a girl, this is why there are probably tampon dispensers in the boys’ lavatories.

With all this in position, they set about the police, and here they’ve done a tremendous job. Because, so far as I can tell, almost all the officers in the Met — apart from the terrifying number of sexual perverts — are now more wide awake than a frightened fox.

When some teenagers with green hair stuff themselves to the road, large numbers of officers are dispatched in order to stand around looking at them. And they are only ever taken out of the tarmac if they guarantee to go immediately to the nearest art gallery and throw a few soup at a painting.

Has Clarkson already been red-pilled by his latest punishment beating at the hands of the progressive thought police?

Worth  reading through in full .

And don’t forget to  sign the petition !

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