January 29, 2023

How woke broke medicine: general public support for doctors provides plunged by double numbers

Driven by conventional ire over trans surgery on kids, masks, and cringeworthy oaths

Public support with regard to doctors and nurses offers tanked in recent years, especially among  conservatives, as the sector has been bashed for wokery within everything from masking to  doling out puberty blockers to kids .

The share of Americans who price doctors’ ethical standards extremely has dropped from 77 percent at the start of the outbreak in 2020 to sixty two percent at the end of 2022 — an unusually steep 15-point fall over two years,   says Gallup .

Nurses — and even pharmacists — have also seen their approval ratings nosedive. They’re all nevertheless far ahead of other occupations, such as lawyers, bankers, plus accountants, but the decline is stark and worrying.

Displeasure is especially acute among  Republicans , and comes as ever-more parts of society are sucked into the culture wars that are making America an even more divided and perhaps even less stable nation.

Public support for doctors and nurses has nosedived, as the sector has been bashed for everything from excessive masking to doling out puberty blockers to kids

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