January 29, 2023

Australians Were Once Prosecuted Designed for Claiming Face Masks Worked Against Viruses

Businesses faced £100k fines for making state during SARS outbreak.

Australians who tried to sell medical face masks on the back of claims they worked against viruses were once threatened with prosecution plus massive fines by the federal government.

Yes, really.

An article titled ‘ Farce mask: it’s safe for only 20 minutes’ released by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2003 explained exactly how, “ Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could encounter fines of up to $110, 500. ”

The content quotes a public health experts who said that face masks are largely worthless at stopping the spread of viruses and could actually worsen the situation.

“ Those masks are just effective so long as they are dried out, ” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University or college of Sydney.

“ As soon as they turn out to be saturated with the moisture within your breath they stop carrying out their job and give the droplets. ”

Professor Cossart said that the masks would need to be changed every 15-20 minutes to stay any way effective.

Her sentiments were echoed by John Bell from your Pharmaceutical Society of Quotes, who said that masks just offered “ marginal benefit” and were largely mental in their level of protection.

The story is significant because during the COVID outbreak, the Australian government imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and used face mask mandates as a brutal tool of population control.

As we previously highlighted , authorities in Melbourne used high-tech security drones to catch people outside not wearing masks.

At the elevation of the hysteria, there were several instances of police in Australia bodily attacking people for not sticking with mask wearing rules, including one incident when a lady was placed in a chokehold by a male police officer.

Another video showed an elderly woman being arrested for not wearing a cover up while sitting on a recreation area bench.

Yet another clip showed police pepper spraying pre-teen children because of not wearing face masks.

Another clip showed an elderly man struggling a suspected heart attack after he was arrested simply by police for not wearing a face mask outside while exercising.

During the early months of the COVID pandemic, health authorities advised against putting on masks, only to subsequently perform a 180 once face coverings became a convenient psychological tool of population manage.

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