January 27, 2023

Sick and tired Leftists Mock Vaccine-Injured Along with #ThanksPfizer Astroturfing Campaign

It’s a bit creepy how eagerly the left covers designed for Big Pharma on social media marketing despite the mountains of obtainable data showing the shot is neither safe neither effective.

A resurfaced video of a woman appearing to experience convulsions she claimed had been the result of taking the Pfizer mRNA shot has once again long gone viral on Twitter this past weekend.

The video from May 2022, captioned with “ Thanks Pfizer, ” shows the legs of 45-year-old Angelia Desselle violently shaking while seated in a recliner. Her Tweets account appears to detail the girl struggle with adverse neurological reactions to the experimental jab and articles and reports warning of vaccine risks.

Her video is also branded with a Twitter disclaimer claiming “ spasming” isn’t a side effect of the vaccine which her Twitter account “ frequently posts misinformation. ”

Notably, Desselle has been interviewed about her vaccine damage she sustained sometime after taking the Pfizer shot in January 2021, and has still not recovered two years later on.

The video going viral prompted many for the left and those who emphatically support Big Pharma as well as experimental injections to ruthlessly mock Desselle’s video within an astroturfing campaign with the hashtag #ThanksPfizer, suggesting she’s faking her vaccine injury for personal gain.

But this comes as Tweets CEO Elon Musk accepted Saturday that he and members of his family suffered “ major side effects” from the COVID jab and that he’s not sure if the effects are permanent.

Growing data, the high rate associated with adverse reactions, and the reluctance of the media to cover it has started protests in the UK over the vaccine’s safety.

Big Tech has also been working overtime in order to censor a viral movie of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at Davos neglecting to answer tough queries about his company’s mRNA injection.

It’s a little bit creepy how eagerly the left covers for Big Pharma on social media inspite of the mountains of available data showing the vaccine will be neither safe nor efficient.

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