January 27, 2023

Unfortunately For Left-Wing Media, Monterey Shooter NOT a White Supremacist

Shooting wasn’t a hate crime by a white supremacist — it was reportedly rooted in a domestic dispute committed by an Asian man.

The shooter that will left 10 people deceased in Monterey Park, Calif., before consuming his own life on Sunday has been recognized as Huu Can Tran, the 72-year-old Asian male.

Before the danger ended, when authorities discovered Tran had been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his van, several on the left were speculating on social media marketing that the shooting was a hate crime perpetrated by a right-wing white supremacist .

But not just was the shooter not whitened, as it turns out, the capturing was also likely brought on by a domestic dispute, according to reports.

Expect the mainstream mass media to quickly drop insurance coverage of this story now that the particular shooting is no longer politically expedient for the Democrats.

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