February 1, 2023

VIEW: Coast Guard Intercepts Vessel Packed With Nearly 400 Haitians

Hundreds of migrants try to reach U. Ersus. in rustic sailing ship as crisis rages in Caribbean

The U. Ersus. Coast Guard (USCG) intercepted a vessel carrying numerous migrants in waters near the Bahamas over the weekend, according to reports.

The occurrence unfolded on Saturday near Cay Sal, an desolate, unoccupied island belonging to the Bahamas that will lies roughly halfway in between Cuba and Florida.

Stunning airborne footage of the packed 50-foot vessel was shared upon social media by the USCG.

“ USCG Cutter Legare’s crew assisted the [Royal Bahamas Defence Force] in stopping an unsafe, overloaded Haitian sailing vessel, Sat, ” USCGSoutheast wrote on Tweets on Monday.

“ There were more than 390 people aboard. USCG crews will transfer the people in order to Bahamian authorities. ”

In total, 396 migrants aboard the deliver were taken to a digesting center on the Bahamian isle of Inagua, Bahamas Local reports.

“ It was grossly overloaded and incredibly much unsafe, ” said USCG spokeswoman Nicole Groll.

On Sunday, USCG intercepted a similarly-rustic vessel carrying migrants prior to it could reach Key West.

More than 8, 000 illegal migrants have been interdicted in Florida waters considering that August, including around three hundred on New Year’s Day alone.

Several weeks ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency due to the the number of illegal aliens achieving his state by sea .

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