February 1, 2023

Doctor Robert Malone Says He or she Can’t Support Trump Whilst ex-President Stands By COVID-19 Jabs

Inventor of mRNA technology used in the COVID shots says former president is definitely ignoring the science and refusing to acknowledge he was fooled into supporting the dangerous jab.

Dr . Robert Malone, the inventor from the mRNA technology in the COVID vaccines, said he aint able to support former President Donald Trump as long as he continues defending the experimental photo.

During an interview with Real America’s Voice last week, Trump had been asked if he’d acknowledge that the mRNA COVID pictures are not as safe or even effective as the public was told by the medical organization.

But Trump doubled down, saying, “ I was able to get something authorized that, you know, that has which may have saved a lot of lifestyles. Some people say that I ended up saving 100 million lives globally. ”

“ You have to realize, there are the pros and negatives, ” the president continued. “ Some reports [say] that it’s the best thing that’s ever occurred and we saved tens of an incredible number of lives. Then you’ll read additional reports [that] say there were some difficulties with the vaccine … yet relatively small numbers.

“ But , you understand, you have many reports that will say the vaccines save tens of millions of lives, ” Trump reiterated. “ That will without the vaccines you would have had a thing … where perhaps 100 million people died. ”

Malone was not impressed with Trump’s explanation, endorsing a statement that “ this will not get him elected. I am out. ”

Malone went on to say which he put together a film segment pertaining to Trump spelling out the risks of the mRNA jab, to no avail.

“ I shot a movie segment designed to help DJT see the truth. No impact. As I said, it is with regret that I have to agree with John. This is different from Mikki’s point. This is DJT’s decision. I disagree, ” he tweeted Friday.

In spite of Trump’s recurring assurances, VAERS data and many other international peer-reviewed studies and reports are usually showing the COVID shot has major safety and efficacy issues.

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