February 4, 2023

EU Globalist Threatens Elon Musk With “Sanctions” If This individual Allows Free Speech upon Twitter

Unelected technocrat demands billionaire ‘behave’ himself.

A top EU technocrat has threatened Elon Musk with “ sanctions” if he allows totally free speech on Twitter, saying that the billionaire has not ‘ behaved in a decent way’.

The comments were made by EU Fee VP for Values plus Transparency Vera Jourova in the annual Davos meeting of globalists.

“ The time of the Wild West is over, ” Jourova informed EuroNews . “ We will have the Electronic Services Act [DSA]. We will have the Code of Practice as a part of this laws. ”

“ So , after Mr Musk took over Twitter with his ‘ freedom of speech absolutism, ‘ we are the protectors of freedom of talk as well, ” she additional. “ But at the same time, we all cannot accept, for instance, illegal content online and so on. Therefore , our message was clear: we have rules which have to become complied with, otherwise you will see sanctions. ”

Jourova’s justification is a comprehensive misnomer because illegal content is already banned on Tweets. She is obviously trying to conflate illegal content with offensive talk in an attempt to make the two indistinguishable.

In a separate video clip interview, Jourova suggested that Musk had not ‘ behaved’ in a ‘ decent’ method like his predecessors with Twitter. In other words, he refused to bend the leg to globalists who want their particular draconian censorship agenda to become re-imposed.

“ We have the rules which have to become complied with and otherwise there will be sanctions, ” barked Jourova, an unelected bureaucrat.

Jourova previously attracted controversy at Davos for predicting that The united states would soon have comparable ‘ hate speech’ laws and regulations to Europe, effectively phoning for the elimination of the Initial Amendment.

“ Illegal hate speech, that you will have soon also in the U. S. I think that we get a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law, ” Jourova said.

Throughout the elitist summit, technocrats pushed the idea that there needs to be a continuing crackdown on “ hate and misinformation, ” a contrived justification made to censor speech which is essential of their own agenda to create a new world order.

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