January 28, 2023

Ghislaine Maxwell Believes Jeffrey Epstein ‘Was Murdered’ In Prison

The ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ theory gets more support from billionaire’s closest confidant

During an interview with Britain’s TalkTV released Monday, disgraced pedophile socialite Ghislaine Maxwell revealed she thinks her deceased partner in crime Jeffrey Epstein “ was murdered. ”

“ I believe that he was murdered, ” she said. “ I used to be shocked. Then I wondered how it had happened. ”

In fact , Maxwell revealed she thought Epstein would have been protected by the “ non-prosecution agreement” after a legal appeal.

In December 2021 , Maxwell’s brother informed the press his sibling likely thought Epstein has been murdered as she was the only family member who furthermore suspected her father Robert Maxwell  was killed.

In 2020 , President Donald Trump also said Epstein “ was either killed or committed suicide in prison. ”

Ghislaine’s latest comment will surely fuel the suspicions of those who think Epstein was possibly murdered or had their death faked.

Check out the full Maxwell interview below:

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