January 27, 2023

South america Bans ‘Solar Geoengineering’ Experimentation

Government issues statement to companies experimenting with weather control

Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources  released a statement earlier this month prohibiting experimentation with solar geoengineering in the country.

The government’s announcement uses media outlets exposed the startup company based in South america that was allegedly using hot air balloons to spread sulfur particles into the stratosphere in order to combat “ global heating. ”

The business, Make Sunsets, is hoping to generate revenue by selling “ cooling credits”   to pay for flights spraying lots of sulfur particles, which is basically a  carbon credit score scheme floated by globalist groups   like the World Economic Forum, Eu and others.

Within a strange comment to  MIT Technology Review , Make Sunsets CEO Luke Iseman said, “ We joke slash not joke that this is definitely partly a company and partly a cult. ”

The Mexican federal government noted in its press release about them that studies show negative environment impacts due to the release of those aerosols and that they can cause meteorological imbalances.

The statement also explained, “ There is an international moratorium that remains in force against the deployment of geoengineering. ”

Due to these issues, the country’s ban on sun geoengineering intends “ to safeguard communities and environmental conditions. ”

Iseman told the Wall Street Journal he has been disappointed by Mexico’s announcement.

“ I actually expected and hoped for dialogue, ” he said. “ I’m surprised by the speed and scope of the response. One of my dreams is that we could, in some distant long term, grow Make Sunsets legally and responsibly. ”

Infowars   and  Alex Jones   are actually warning of the negative influence geoengineering can have on the climate, plants, animals and people for decades now.

Last year,   we covered a UN environment panel  report  where the group considered spraying “ sulfate aerosols” above the particular Earth’s surface to reduce worldwide temperatures.

Earlier this year, we wrote regarding   a pair of men named James Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside which published a paper within the “ Advances In Social Sciences Research Diary ” accusing the particular United Nations of engaging in the conspiracy to destroy the particular Earth’s environment.

In November , the Biden regime  even  announced   a 5-year plan to research “ climate intervention, ” specifically using geoengineering methods to combat climate change!

One geoengineering program, the “ chemtrail” phenomenon, has been written away from as a conspiracy by the institution, but the technology is now gradually being acknowledged in the general public sphere.

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