January 29, 2023

The particular Covid Game Is Over and They Have Lost

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T he  Guardian   on Jan fifteen, 2023 published the most perfect bit of new normal nostalgia that will ever was or could be:   Coronavirus: ‘ People aren’t taking this particular seriously’: experts say US Covid surge is large risk   simply by Melody Schreiber.  

This piece might be studied as a  Platonic Form . Nothing could more perfectly show the inability of the covid panic porn publishers to forget about the narrative. If the author didn’t have her own  website , I might have attributed the item to an instance of ChatGPT trained on every  Guardian   and  New York Times   article from the past three years.

The writer employs every single discredited covid  trope   at least once. I will listing a few of the best, here. To cover them all I would have to quote the entire article and that might violate the  Fair Use Doctrine . I got chosen a tabular type with a quote alongside the particular trope that it is derived from:  

Quotation Trope
“ In the fourth year of the outbreak. ”   We are still in a outbreak. It will never end.    
“ This is one of the greatest surges of Covid cases in the entire outbreak, according to   wastewater analyses   of the virus. ”   The current wave is the worst wave ever.
“ Covid-19 is once again spreading throughout America and being powered by the recent holidays. ”   Super-spreader events and family gatherings.  
“ The particular Omicron subvariants BQ. one 1 and BQ. 1 as well as the quickly expanding XBB. 1 . 5 make up the most of cases. ” Just when you thought we were over it, a new variant has emerged.
“ With XBB, may possibly be such a significant transmission advantage that exposure is really risky – it’s riskier now than it’s ever been” in terms of transmissibility, Sehgal stated. ” The new variant is more dangerous than previous variants.
“ And the more the virus propagates, the more opportunities it has to evolve, potentially picking up mutations that make it easier to overcome immunity. ” The variants only get worse over time, never more mild.  
“ the winter surge, which is once more putting pressure on health systems. ” “ Williams is worried that private hospitals are reaching maximum capability. ” “ Health workers have experienced three years of burnout, disability and death, and a few have needed to exit the workforce. ” The health care system is under pressure. It will probably collapse. People will be dying in the roads, unable to obtain care.  
“ Despite the higher rates of Covid distribute, hospitalizations have not yet reached previous peaks seen previously in the pandemic, probably due to immunity … but that protection should not be taken for granted, he said, particularly because immunity wanes. ” Natural defenses does not protect you. Even if you are immune, you should still obtain all the vaccines and boosters.  
“ The particular severe cases we are seeing are probably at least somewhat avoidable, if folks make sure that they stay updated on vaccination, because that’s still the particular safest way to gain defenses. ” Vaccination stops the spread.  
“ You’re simply fighting a lot of misinformation. ” Everything that you have read unlike this narrative consists of lies by malevolent misinformation spreaders.  
When May well Biden   announced   the outbreak was “ over” in September, he said, this probably stalled public enthusiasm for the new booster.   Happy talk about the end of covid can be dangerous.  
“ While vaccines are very important… ” All roads result in vaccination.  
“ In New Hampshire, nursing facilities will not admit those that they feel that they cannot staff to care for, which I think is certainly admirable, but the consequence of the is that the hospitals are crammed up, ” he said. Hospitals that might release patients to care facilities regarding transitional or long-term care will see beds filled longer. ” The elderly in care homes are at risk.  
“ The share for kids under four   roughly doubled   in 2022. ” Children are at risk.
“ As Ray put it: ‘ Whenever we could be wearing a mask, why aren’t we? ‘” Masks work to prevent respiratory viral transmission.  

My favorite section of the piece is, “ However because of poor messaging from officials, many people may not even understand the US is experiencing the surge. ” I am among those many people who did not understand this. A surge of what? A normal seasonal flu that makes people feel a bit under the weather for a 7 days? A bad cold-vid?

We can celebrate our return to the old normal when an outbreak of a seasonal virus is of concern to those who are infected or who care for a member of family. All of society need not end up being thrust into a panic over such things. The more normal the planet is, the more resources of those who are impacted will have to handle their troubles. And the better will those who are not directly affected be able to support them.  

As a software engineer I note with some amusement that the variant (or as I like to call them “ scariant” ) titles now have two periods. Within a  software discharge version   an edition with double dot can be used for a minor bug fix release, (e. g. several. 0. 1). “ Minor” means that the release is not essential enough for users in order to upgrade immediately. Perhaps the same thinking should be applied to the way in which we handle the emergence of new viral variants.    

Whenever Biden said that the outbreak is over, followed by “ If you notice, no one’s wearing face masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape, ” that may were his dementia inhibiting the particular filter that was supposed to kick in before he said something truthful. Biden only  said the quiet component out loud:   the public has put the panic stage in the rearview. Even Anthony Fauci made the  incomprehensible   declaration that the pandemic isn’t more than but we are out of the “ pandemic phase. ” Each statement like this is more toothpaste for the pandemic  dead-enders   to put in the tube.  

The article bemoans the low acceptance rate of the booster vaccinations. We are told that cases are avoidable if individuals had sought additional injections. First thing: do we care about cases? Second thing: it is far from true that the covid vaccines prevent infection. That could just be so if the failed claim of sterilizing immunity were valid.    

Vaccine recommends have  walked back   the earlier statements that one or any number of shots would prevent the recipient from getting infected. It  was let out late in 2022   the fact that clinical trials did not actually test for the ability from the drugs to stop transmission. It’s hard to believe that anyone could say that after so many multiply-vaccinated-and-boosted public figures have obtained covid.  

My friend Kevin Duffy, an expert investor, after seeing the  Guardian   article, sent me this image. The graph displays the market psychology of a financial bubble and subsequent market crash. I have added the particular red oval highlighting exactly where Kevin thinks we are now: in the denial phase, following the bubble has burst.  

I am also reminded of the  Kubler-Ross stages of grief   that a patient or even a loved one goes through when getting a terminal diagnosis. The phase in her sequence is usually denial. The subsequent stages are anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  

The same could be said of all of these tropes: Does anyone believe them anymore? This is not news. It is a last-gasp try to squeeze more juice out of a dehydrated lemon. These types of messages were potent fright generators two years ago. Using each use, the charge becomes weaker.  

The script provides worn itself out. These tropes are now tired and ineffective. The fear-pushers seem unaware that the message provides lost its effect, but do not have anything else to offer. The tell is not that they post articles like this. It is just how much these pieces show they don’t know that the game is over and they have lost.  

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