February 6, 2023

Tragic: 6-Month-Old Dies Within 10 Days of Pfizer Jab, VAERS Reports

Baby also received 4 other shots, including the flu jab.

A troubling entry appearing in the VAERS database documents the sudden death of a six-month-old baby within days of receiving a variety of vaccines, including Pfizer’s Covid jab.

According to  VAERS ID #2479506 , the unexpected death of the male baby from Iowa occurred on Aug. 26, 2022, exactly 10 days after this individual received the Covid photo, in addition to vaccines for pneumococcal disease, rotavirus, flu and DTAP.

“ Unexpected death- taking a nap in the afternoon and found pulseless in crib, ” the entrance states, listing his age group as “ 0. fifty. ”

The statement also noted, “ Shock-associated circulatory or cardiac situations, ” suggesting the infant may have suffered a severe heart attack leading up to his death.

Commenting on the disaster, renowned cardiologist Dr . Peter McCullough remarked the event is emblematic of how treating multiple jabs simultaneously “ risks overwhelming fatal reactogenicity. ”

“ None of these are medically required or clinically indicated with this age, ” McCullough had written on Twitter, adding, “ Word of mouth among mothers upon cases such as this fuels huge vaccine hesitancy. ”

Indeed, if more parents learned about this particular terrible entry and many troubling reports like it they might be frustrated from jabbing youngsters with the amount of vaccines at the same time – or even worse, they might start researching the deadly injections plus forgo them altogether!

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