January 28, 2023

Video: WEF Chauffeur Says Elites Refuse to Ride in Electrical Cars

Chauffeur unacceptable by WEF to transport Vip’s in electric cars

A chauffeur at the World Economic Community forum admitted that, despite the WEF’s green agenda, the elites refuse to ride in electric powered cars.

In a video shot by a citizen journalist, the chauffeur even said the WEF told him to only utilize a gas-powered car to transport VIPs.

In contrast, the Uber cars, presumably intended for non-VIPs, were electric.

“ The WEF has made some changes this season.   Davos has a heliport so that VIPs can voyage around in helicopters once again.   In addition , there is no longer a CO2 limit just for cars, ” reported Newspunch.

“ Quite simply, it is plug-in cars for that commoners and normal vehicles using fossil fuels for the elites. ”

A week ago, we reported that wealthy elite were frequently asking for unvaccinated crews to guy their planes due to worries over the side effects of Covid-19 shots.

Josh Yoder, the head the  U. S. Freedom Flyers , an anti-vaccine mandate group of pilots, said this individual was receiving inquiries through elites interested in hiring unvaccinated pilots to fly their business trips.

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