February 1, 2023

Watch – Chicken Farmers Fault Tainted Feed After Hens Stop Producing Eggs

Farmers report chickens begin laying again after switching in order to feed.

Chicken farmers on social media suspect tainted chicken give food to could be why laying chickens have suddenly stopped making eggs.

In several viral videos, maqui berry farmers bizarrely documented their hens’ laying output decreased or even altogether stopped sometime a year ago.

While egg-laying naturally cools lower over the winter, a couple of the farmers in the videos state their chickens haven’t placed since last July.

The farmers almost unanimously conclude their commercial chicken feed is to blame for their hens’ decreased output, as the issue appears to have been cured after switching to a different feed.

Check out video clips from farmers below all of the documenting the same phenomenon, which includes naming the brands these people suspect to be responsible:

On Facebook, one farmer noted:

“ I have called multiple facilities that sell chickens plus they are telling me that their particular chickens have stopped laying eggs and therefore they do not have any for sale. I investigated it a little further and apparently they are putting some thing in the feed to stop all of them from being able to lay eggs! ”

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An city farmer documented his experiment switching feed on TikTok, arriving at the conclusion that his give food to was the reason his chickens weren’t laying.


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Taking the conspiracy a single step further, one specialist claimed the feed might be contaminated with the same fresh RNA technology in Covid vaccines, backing up his theory with screenshots of various research about RNA experimentation within the food supply.

Other people pushed back against the promises, saying the egg theatre is being blown out of proportion on social media.

The distressing news comes as an egg shortage turmoil has hit supermarkets across the US, forcing prices to skyrocket for consumers as manufacturers and the USDA have got blamed an avian flu for decimating livestock figures.

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