February 6, 2023

MTG to Declare Antifa Domestic Terrorists in New Legislation

“Enough of Antifa, they are not the anti-fascists. They are the fascists, and they always appear and they defend Democrat leads to, ” says Georgia congresswoman.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga. ) introduced Monday she is introducing legislation that will designate the far-left militia group Antifa being a terrorist organization.

Greene joined “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” to explain how Antifa has for years been acting as the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party over political matters, through rioting over George Floyd to intimidating anyone who dissents from the official COVID story.

“ Many sick and tired of  Antifa. Look at what they’ve done over years today. Just from 2020, they may responsible for nearly 2 billion in damage and many individuals dead, ” Greene informed host Tucker Carlson.

“ But the war is against the police, as well as the reason why is because Antifa could be the ground troops of the Democrat party. Not only are they the floor troops, they breed them, they raise them, and they bail them from jail when they get caught, but they never get prosecuted. ”

“ It’s the Democrats in control and it’s the establishment and it’s the particular unelected bureaucrats that make simply no apologies for their support of Antifa, ” she added.

That’s exactly what compelled Greene to draft legislation declaring Antifa a terrorist organization and to set up investigations into their funding.

“ It’s time to do something about Antifa, and that’s why I’m going to introduce legislation to announce Antifa domestic terrorists because they need to be taken apart, ” she said. “ We need to investigate exactly who they are, which funds them, and then we have to make sure that whenever they come out and erupt in violence, assaulting police officers and attacking businesses in cities like my city Atlanta in Atlanta, we need to make sure that they’re arrested and charged with household terrorism charges just like the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] do this past weekend. ”

“ Enough associated with Antifa, they are not the anti-fascists. They are the fascists, and they generally show up and they defend Liberal causes, ” she continuing.

“ Not only do they attack police, but they defend the drag a queen, targeting our children with drag queen storytime. They go right after people when they’re not vaccinated and demand they will get vaccinated and put on masks during the so-called pandemic. ”

“ But enough of Antifa, we’ve had it using them and it’s time to do something about this, ” she added.

This comes times after Antifa rioted within downtown Atlanta over the city’s plans to build a police training center, destroying buildings and setting police cars on fire.

Particularly, family members from the wealthy and also a CNN employee had been involved in Antifa’s riot within Atlanta.

The particular legislation likely won’t make it to Joe Biden’s desk given that Democrats still hold the United states senate, and if it did, Biden would never sign it. Yet it’s important to get a vote in the record to see which congress condone political violence.

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