March 24, 2023

Watch: Woman’s Experience Using Amazon Palm-Scanning Payment Machine Will go Viral

The cashless society is being built around us

A young woman’s video promoting the Amazon . com One palm-scanning payment device is going viral online.

The Western lady uses the Amazon device to scan the girl palm, which is then associated with her credit or debit card for use on checkout where she again scans her palm to fund products.

Infowars covered these kiosks in an article nine months ago after they were set up at an Austin, Texas Whole Foods Market.

At the time, several politicians delivered a letter to Amazon . com questioning the company’s collection of hand prints.

“ Amazon’s expansion of biometric data collection through Amazon One raises serious questions about Amazon’s plans for this data and its respect meant for user privacy, including about how exactly Amazon may use the data to promote and tracking purposes, ” they wrote.

Local news outlets also picked up on the controversial technologies.

A similar video went viral last month after a youthful woman shared her encounter using a cashless face-scanning snack machine to grab a bottle of water.

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