March 23, 2023

WATCH: Project Veritas Reporter Reveals True Danger of Pfizer Director Admitting to Big Pharma-Engineered Pandemic

“It’s merely a matter of time before the American people wake up. “

R. C. Maxwell of Project Veritas joined up with The Alex Jones Show to break down the undercover movie of a Pfizer executive brazenly admitting to dirty techniques of the pharmaceutical industry.

“ This is over the top, ” said Jones to Maxwell Thursday. “ I can not blame people for considering this couldn’t be genuine because when you watch the whole video, the admissions are just insane … This has to be the biggest story you guys have ever broken. ”

Agreeing, Maxwell explained how it was the cavalier attitude of Jordon Walker, the Pfizer professional, that made the video footage go viral.

“ This story is certainly flying because of the damning admissions by [Walker] who is a director, specifically working in mRNA science – this person is two levels taken out of Albert Bourla , that is the CEO of Pfizer, ” said Maxwell. “ This video is shocking, mostly because of the carelessness within how [Walker] is talking … Your dog is speaking about the most sinister matters clearly with no concern about regulatory oversight. ”

“ It’s merely a matter of time before the American people wake up. The only thing we are able to do at Project Veritas is to offer you the accountability of knowledge. ”

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Shortly after Maxwell’s look on Infowars, Project Veritas   released a follow-up movie showing the company’s founder Wayne O’Keefe confront the Pfizer executive regarding his statements.

The Big Pharma employee claimed he was simply “ trying to impress an individual on a date by resting. ”

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