March 23, 2023

Video: Leftist Talking Heads Declare Letting Trump Back Upon Facebook Will “Destroy Democracy”

“Do you want to be that institution that really helps take down the country? ”

Reacting to the news that Facebook is to allow President Trump access to its platform after a two calendar year ban, leftist ‘ journalists’ on MSNBC claimed it will “ destroy democracy”.

Trump derangement syndrome is very much so back, with New York Moments editor Mara Gay, Lincoln subsequently Project co-founder George Conway, and historian Jon Meacham crying about Meta assisting to “ take down the country” by allowing Trump to return.

Conway stated “ They think, ‘ Well oh, the fire’s out, so even though this guy has a cache of fits and gasoline that he carries around with him, take a look at let him just play with matches again. ”

Meacham described Facebook’s choice on Trump as a “ devil’s bargain” claiming that will Meta needs more money and Trump needs to gain importance again.

“ If you are one of these companies, do you wish to be the means by which an autocrat mounts an assault on the Constitution itself? ”   he added.

Gay chimed within “ As a country or even as a company, you don’t wish to hand over the keys to democracy to have someone kill that democracy. Do you want to be that institution that really helps take down the country? ”  

She continued to compare Meta’s decision to reinstate Trump to chemical substance companies pushing for battles so they can sell weapons.

More movie below:


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