March 24, 2023

Aussie Health Authorities Call For More COVID Boosters… But The General public Says No

Australia and New Zealand experienced some of the worst pandemic require conditions of any country in the western world, crossing the line into totalitarianism on a number of events.   Australian authorities limited residents of larger cities to near house detain, with people not being allowed to go more than  several miles from their homes.   Citizens were […]#@@#@!!

Sydney and New Zealand suffered some of the worst pandemic requirement conditions of any country in the western world, crossing the line directly into totalitarianism on a number of occasions.  

Australian authorities restricted residents of larger metropolitan areas to near house criminal arrest, with people not being allowed to go more than  3 miles from their houses .   Citizens received curfew hours between 9pm and 5am.     They were banned from general public parks and beaches with no mask, even though it is nearly extremely hard to transmit a trojan outdoors and UV gentle from the sun acts as a organic disinfectant.  

In the worst examples, Australian citizens received visits through police and government officials for posting critical opinions about the mandates on social media.   Some  were even arrested   for calling for protests against the lockdowns. In Australia and New Zealand, covid camps were built to detain people infected with covid.   Some facilities were meant for those who had recently journeyed, others were meant for anybody who  stepped out of line .

As the fears over covid wane as well as the populace realizes that the true Infection Fatality Rate of the virus is  extremely small , restrictions are now being abandoned and things appears to be going back to normal.   It’s important, however , to never forget so what happened and how many countries experienced potentially permanent authoritarianism underneath the shadow of vaccine given.   If the passports guidelines had been successfully enforced, we would be living in a very various world today in the west.

Luckily, the passports were never implemented widely.   Australian health regulators are once again calling for your public to take a fourth covid booster shot, but with very little response.   Only 40% of citizens got the third booster, and new polling data shows that 30% are taking the fourth booster.  

With the astonishing rise in excess fatalities by  heart failure in Australia   coinciding exactly with the introduction from the covid mRNA vaccines, perhaps people are deciding to finally er on the side of extreme care.   Why take the risk of an experimental vaccine over the virus that 99. 8% of the population will easily survive?  

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