March 23, 2023

Flashback: Biden Terminates Trump-Era Program To Combat Chinese Watching

Biden program in 2022 had claimed program to counter Chinese language espionage was rooted in racism and “intolerance. inch

Joe Biden now last year terminated a nationwide security program launched by former President Donald Trump to counter Chinese watching in the United States.

A year later, in the face of considerable public pressure, Biden ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the Chinese surveillance balloon over Myrtle Beach on Saturday after allowing it to float across the continental United states of america for days.

The China Initiative was established in 2018 under then-Attorney General Shaun Sessions to help thwart China’s aggressive efforts to rob American intellectual property and to spy on American business and research.

But in 2022, the Biden administration had claimed it shuttered the anti-CCP espionage program because it was hurtful.

“ We have heard worries from the civil rights neighborhood that the ‘ China Initiative’ fueled a narrative of intolerance and bias, ” said Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for nationwide security in Feb. 2022.

“ To many, that story suggests that the Justice Department treats people from The far east or of Chinese ancestry differently. The rise in anti-Asian hate crime and hate incidents only heightens these types of concerns. The Department is definitely keenly aware of this danger and is enhancing efforts in order to combat acts of detest. These efforts are shown in the Attorney General’s memorandum issued last year following the achievement of the COVID-19 Hate Offences Act. ”

“ Anything that creates the impression the Department of Justice can be applied different standards based on competition or ethnicity harms the particular department and our attempts, and it harms the public, ” Olsen added.

This is just another example of how Biden’s “ America Last” policies possess once again put America’s sovereignty and national security at risk.

But shouldn’t expect the mainstream media or other Democrats in order to point any of this out there.

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