March 24, 2023

US Restricts Airspace Near Myrtle Beach For ‘National Protection Airspace’ Operation

Biden administrative finally seems to realize letting Communist China openly surveil the U. S. is not a good look.

Watch Live:   The FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION on Saturday restricted airspace near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a “ National Protection Airspace” operation:

Up-date (1330ET) : Shortly after Chief executive Biden reportedly said  “ we are going to take care of it, ”   referring to the Chinese spy balloon that is calmly drifting throughout US airspace, the FAA has shut down 3 international airports and closed airspace in parts of North and Sc:

US army surveillance plane is circling offshore of North Carolina.  

A vessel with a large crane might be headed to an area where the military may shoot down the balloon.    

*  *  *

The suspected Chinese surveillance go up appears to be heading toward New york, according to  ABC News , citing the senior US official acquainted with the situation. That official stated the US would probably shoot the balloon down over the Atlantic Ocean and retrieve this.  

Within the past hour, numerous Twitter customers have uploaded footage associated with what appears to be the Chinese language balloon floating above New york.  

Local police tell residents don’t shoot their guns at the giant go up.  

On Friday, we reported Capital Weather Gang, which accurately predicted the balloon’s trajectory while it was floating above the Midwest. At this point updated predictions for Saturday morning show the balloon might be headed toward the Atlantic.  

The balloon’s payload is approximately 90 feet long, or the length of two motorhomes, and the balloon itself is much bigger. Here’s one of the clearest sights of the balloon.  

And there  might be more balloons . All of us noted last night:

“ We are seeing reports of a go up transiting Latin America, ” Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesperson, told Fox News Friday night time. “ We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance go up. ”

US officials have never ruled out shooting the balloon down. That might happen as soon as the balloon moves offshore in to the Atlantic. Time for Room Force to shine.  

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