March 30, 2023

Movie: Rand Paul Slams “Very Very Weak” Biden Intended for “Dithering For Days” Over Chinese Balloon

Senator warns “ineptitude” of administration is a major threat to national protection

Senator Rand Paul tore in to the Biden administration Sunday designed for “ dithering for days” over the Chinese balloon and allowing it float the entire width of the country prior to shooting it down.

Appearing upon Fox News, Paul urged that “ This looks quite, very weak in the eye of our enemy, and I think it had been a huge mistake. ”

“ We need the commander in chief plus a national defense who is capable to respond within seconds to minutes to penetration in our airspace, ” Paul additional asserted.

“ This is probing our protection even if there was no security on board. They’ve gotten a lot of information as to how slow the Biden administration is within their response, ” the particular Senator added.

Paul continued, “ I believe more damaging than any surveillance is assessing our response. Since we’ve entered into a nuclear age, you can find responses that have to occur in seconds to minutes, as well as the fact that this administration would certainly dither for days over a balloon I think gives pause in order to us about how well jooxie is protected and whether or not they have the ability to make decisions that would have to be made in seconds or moments. ”

“ Moving forward, what they [the Biden administration] need to do is they have to demand a full apology and explanation. If it was  apparently civilian, they should feed us all the data they took in and show us what the go up was absorbing, ” Paul further noted, calling for that Chinese ambassador  to be barbequed by the State Department.


John stated that the balloon could have been dealt with days earlier over the remote area such as Alaska.

The same stage was made earlier simply by Retired four-star Army General Jack Keane, who said “ Remember, this was getting close to the United States over water. It had been approaching the Aleutian Island destinations over water. And we had plenty of opportunity to take it straight down then. And that’s when it must have happened. ”

“ We had to be monitoring it from mainland China and taiwan across the Pacific Ocean, and we had plenty of warning to construct an operation that we are conducting now on the east coast that should have been done presently there, ” Keane added.


Biden has claimed which he ordered the balloon to be downed “ days ago” but that the Pentagon anxiously waited til it had flown over the country.

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