March 30, 2023

Actor or actress Matthew Marsden Defends Declining Covid Vaccine Despite this Derailing His Career

“If More People Stood Up and Mentioned Something Then This Would Many Stop”

Black Hawk Down   actor Matthew Marsden has said he appears by his decision to not get the Covid jab despite admitting it has cost him roles in Hollywood. The  Mail  has the story .

Marsden, who is also known for their roles in  Transformer repair: Revenge of the Fallen , and Amazon’s  Reacher   series, advised more people to rebel against compulsory vaccination, adding: “ If more people stood up and said something then this would all prevent. ”

The particular 49-year-old English-American star informed   Fox Nation’s  Tucker Carlson Nowadays   he was offered a job that required everybody on-set had been vaccinated but tried to obtain a religious exemption, adding: “ You can imagine how that took place in Hollywood. ”

Marsden has been a fierce critic of the Government’s reaction to the  COVID-19  pandemic,   frequently slamming lockdowns, mask-wearing policy and mandatory jabs .  

He said he was willing to sacrifice his career to ensure U. S. freedoms were not “ used away”.  

“ I’ve worked a lot with soldiers and it’s really difficult for me to say that losing our career is  a difficult choice to stand up for what is right when they’ll proceed, and they’ll die, and they’ll lose everything. ” he told Carlson.  

“ This is all occurring because we’re letting it take place, ” he said, caution that “ It doesn’t matter who you are, they’ll come after you… they’re relentless. ”

Courageous, principled man.

Worth  reading in full .

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