March 30, 2023

Survey: FTX Reveals Donations Delivered to Politicians – See The List Here

Listing confirms what we’ve been anticipating

A list of political figures and committees FTX sent donations to has been compiled based on the letters the embattled company sent demanding they will return the money:

The recipients are usually overwhelmingly Democratic, an interesting turn of events given that FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried claimed he had donated “ dark” money equally to Conservatives.

“ Open public data shows that some parts of Bankman-Fried’s empire gave similarly to both parties. Data from  OpenSecrets , a non-profit that tracks data on campaign finance plus lobbying, shows FTX ALL OF US, the company’s US operation, gave equally to both parties, ” wrote The Guardian. “ But Bankman-Fried’s public contributions went largely to Democrats. The FTX founder gave more than $990, 000 to candidates in the last election period, according to  OpenSecrets , and another $38. 8m to outside groupings. ”

“ Only about $235, 000 of his public political giving went toward Republican applicants. ”

When FTX went bankrupt, causing the controversy over the crypto exchange, analysts concluded that it was operating as a giant slush fund for politicians and risky investments.

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