March 23, 2023

Biden is preparing to let THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of migrants cross the border into the US

Under plan that would see mass deportations of non-Mexicans to Mexico

President  Joe Biden  is attempting to close a deal with  Mexico  that would see hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the country legally, while deporting non-Mexican illegal migrants en masse across the southern boundary.

The offer would be a breakthrough for the leader, who is hoping to solve the ever-worsening  border crisis  ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Biden has formerly said the nation’s inability deport migrants back to their home nation was a leading factor in the particular record numbers of illegal crossings the US has seen in latest months.

The new policy would see non-Mexican migrants who illegally mix into the US deported in order to Mexico. Sources said the offer has not been finalized, but that will Mexican President  André s Manuel Ló pez Obrador has been open to negotiations, according to the  Washington Publish .

The offer is contingent upon  Biden expanding the parole process , which fast-tracks work authorization for migrants with sponsors in the US, which could create significant spikes within legal migrants. News of the deal comes as Title 42 – the pandemic-era border policy used to expel migrants – is due to expire this particular spring after previously being extended.

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